Northumberland National Park, the land of the far horizons – a landscape of limitless beauty from Hadrian’s Wall to the Cheviot Hills.

Northumberland National Park has unspoilt treasures awaiting your discovery. Ancient pre-history and the rare red squirre exist alongside traditional lifestyles with a thriving culture.

Formed millions of years ago by volcanic lava flows, they make for a wild, romantic landscape and are home to some fantastic wildlife including Dippers and Otters which flourish in its clean unspoilt rivers and landscape of serene rolling purple moorlands.

The Cheviot Hills are a paradise to the outdoors enthusiast. There’s a network of cycling trails and walking routes – the northern finish of the Pennine Way lies within the hills – as well as countless opportunities for horse riding. Those that enjoy other outdoor activities such as birdwatching, canoeing, fishing or rock climbing will also be drawn to the wild landscapes of the Cheviot Hills.

Hadrian’s Wall ranks alongside the Pyramids in its international importance. It is also an iconic symbol of our country while remaining a special place for the people who live and work close to it. 84 miles of glorious walking through rugged moorland, rolling fields and dynamic urban landscape.

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